Foothills Huddle Meeting ~ Social ~ Forum: Address the Planning Commission – Aug 5, 2017 9:30am-12:00 @ Sonora

Foothills Huddle Meeting  ~

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Social/Nibbles/Intermission  ~

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Forum: How Citizens can be More Effective Communicating with the Planning Commission, speaker John Latorre


Saturday, Aug 5, 2017
Sonora Fire House, 201 S. Shepherd Street. Enter on El Dorado side.
9:30-10:30am Huddle Meeting (agenda below)
10:30-11:00am Social – come meet your fellow concerned citizen neighbors while noshing tasty treats
11:00-12:00 noon Forum: How Citizens can be More Effective Communicating with the Planning Commission (writeup below), Speaker: John Latorre

Come for the Huddle Meeting, the Forum, or both. And surely come for the snacks and to chat with your fellow citizens!


Huddle Meeting Agenda

Agenda will be provided at beginning of meeting along these topics:

  • Building a team to address local, state, and national legislation. Much is being done. More could be done. What happens here will be influenced by who comes and where your passions and skills are.
Imagine if we had 10 people who all take turns grabbing the agenda off the website, reading it, providing a synopsis to the rest of us, send it out to anyone who wants it via a permission email list, and we move from there building a contingent of interested citizens who work together to show up at the BoS meetings to be seen and heard on a regular basis, not just when a hot issue is up.
More ideas will be floated. Come and share yours.
  • Building another team to organize a thick, coordinated response to flood newspapers and other forums with letters to the editor, coordinating with some already doing this.
  • Tech tools training. We’ll discuss websites, email lists, calendars, and many other tools that can help us move our concerns forward. Bring your phone or laptop and your questions.



Meet your fellow concerned citizens over some tasty treats. This is happening right as the Sonora Farmer’s Market ends – hint, hint.


How Citizens can be More Effective Communicating with the Planning Commission

Speaker: John Latorre

Local citizens attend Planning Commission meetings and speak with the hopes of affecting decisions made concerning their community. But it is unfortunate that too often these community members’ efforts are for naught because they do not understand the jurisdiction of the Planning Commission and the rules by which each Planning Commissioner is bound.

To assist community members who want to learn how to speak more effectively about their concerns, John will discuss:
* which organization to talk to for the concern’s jurisdiction (city, county)

He will also discuss what rules the Planning Commission must follow when:
* learning about an issue
* receiving public comment
* making their decision (based on “findings”)

He’ll probably touch on the Brown Act.

He may sum up with a list of pointers for anyone making a public comment at a Planning Commission meeting.



The Fire House does not provide parking. We need to find parking on the street or in a lot. These meetings also overlap with the weekly farmer’s market. Locals suggest finding a spot a block or two away. Or carpool so that the driver can drop off at the fire house. Or come early and drive around to find a spot while people come and go. Or come at 7:30 when it’s easiest to get a spot, take in the market, then join us for these gatherings. Other ideas?

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